In 1958, an Italian migrant by the name of Adone Bruno De Lai began making batteries from his home for personal use, and that of his close friends.  Soon his hobby became his occupation, and in 1967 he established the business known as Bruno’s Batteries, which is still in operation today, and still owned and managed by the family.

When he left school, Bruno’s son, John went to work with his father in the business.  Upon the tragic death of Bruno in 1988, John and his wife Jan took over and have been operating the business with their sons ever since.

The year 2000 brought about a significant change with the relocation of the shop from the back yard of the family home, to the main street of Mareeba.  Since then the operation has continued to grow, now incorporating several businesses including:


  • Outback Solar & Outdoors
  • Outback Security and Surveillance and
  • Outback Electrician Services


Outback Service stocks a wide range of appliances, outdoor equipment, electronics, solar panels and surveillance systems to suit your needs. We also offer affordable installation on just about every product we sell at our Mareeba appliance store. Get in touch with us today.

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